A high level in the quarter-final

A high level in the quarter-final

02/11/2023, 22:41

Now we finally arrive at the semi-final of the WMF World Cup 2023. But after a quarter-final full of surprises and with a high competitive level! Romania qualified with 2 goals against the UAE. On the other hand, Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic played a very competitive match which ended with a tie of 3 goals, decided by penalties won by Kazakhstan. Slovakia and Bulgaria were disqualified against Hungary (0-1) and Azerbaijan (1-3) respectively. Now for the semi-final which will be scheduled tomorrow from 7 p.m. with the match of Romania Vs Hungary followed by the match of Kazakhstan Vs Azerbaijan at 8:30 p.m. Don't miss the semi-final, and follow the results on our website as well as on the pages of our social networks.




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