Day 4: a desire to win...

Day 4: a desire to win...

29/10/2023, 21:08

Another day comes to an end, but a day full of good atmosphere and challenge for our teams. Day 4 started with a strong match between Kuwait and Iraq which ended with a tie result (5-5), followed by a close match between Hungary and Libya with a goal saved by Hungary at the last minute ( 2-1). The afternoon also did not lack passion and challenge: Montenegro dominated the match against Oman (10-1), France also knew how to guarantee its match (2-1) against Albania. The match between the European champion and the African champion ended with the success of Azerbaijan against Egypt (4-1). The second part of the evening was marked by an exciting match between Portugal and Serbia which lost with a score of (2-3). Japan loses to Bulgaria with 3 points to zero. Finally, the day ended with the Slovakia match which lost to England (2-3).




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