WMF World Cup 2023 Final

WMF World Cup 2023 Final

05/11/2023, 20:11

A final like no other! And now the WMF World Cup 2023 in Ras Al Khaimah was held the night of 4 November 2023 with a magnificent closing ceremony. The evening started first with the 3rd place match between Hungary and Azerbaijan won by Hungary with a score of 3-1. Afterwards, the final match began with a beautiful artistic spectacle. The stadium was full with the presence of several personalities, fans, minifootball family and spectators. The atmosphere was extraordinary and fans from Romania and Kazakhstan were there to support their teams. We remind that the final is played between Kazakhstan and Romania, two teams who showed great performance during the WMF World Cup 2023. But that's not all! The two finalists gave us a beautiful, unforgettable high-level match, and the score stopped at the end of playing time at a tie of 2 points. The surprise was demonstrated afterwards with the penalties.... stressful moments for both teams but at the same time exciting for the spectators who enjoyed this exceptional atmosphere. The penalties ended with 11-12 for Romania, which after this great performance won the title of 2023 Minifootball World Champion. In the atmosphere of the stadium, the 3 finalist teams were awarded with their medals: Bronze for Hungary, Silver for Kazakhstan and gold for Romania which won the World Cup amid the applause of thousands of spectators and the most beautiful fireworks. And now the biggest Minifootball event comes to an end with a remarkable and confirmed success in Ras Al Khaimah. See you at the next event...




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